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We are fortunate to be situated on one of the world’s cleanest rivers – the St Patricks River

We are fortunate to be situated on one of the world’s cleanest rivers – the St Patricks River, this pristine water flows though our farm making it as natural as can be.  This in turn makes our fish happy, healthy & delicious!! We operate a Hatchery where we hatch our own salmon & trout fry and grow them in tanks until they are large enough to be placed outdoors in one of our 21 ponds. By hatching our own fish we are eliminating any possibility of disease or bacteria.  From conception to point of sale we record all the necessary information to ensure our fish are the best they can be. Our commercial ponds are used to grow fish for sea based customers who currently include Huon Aquaculture. We have one main pond for the public area – this pond is stocked with Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Golden Trout & Brook Trout.  

A little bit of history on Mountain Stream Fishery: 

  Founders - Mountain Stream Fishery Taras & Alexandra Malahoff arrived in Tasmania with their family in 1982 for a holiday and like so many visitors to the State do, fell in love with the place and decided to stay a while! Fred 32 years later they are still here and have turned their dream into reality building a hatchery and free range fish farm which operates both commercially (since 1997) and to the general public. Taras and Alexandra still live on site at the farm but have stepped back a little to allow the next generation to step up!  Their son Fred manages the farm whilst other children work on other aspects of the farm.   



The farm was first opened to the public in 2002 and then reopened in 2009.

  Stuart Reid- Public Operations   Susie Reid - Public Operations.   Today Stuart and Susie Reid, a local couple from Targa, manage the public side of the fishery, a role they took on in December 2013 Stuart and Susie will ensure you have a great time fishing and can answer any questions you may have about the farm, fishing or trout in general.
Mountain Stream Fishery - A Perfect Place to Fish!
The big catch
Fishing at Mountain Stream Fishery - Tasmania
Home of the Golden Trout - Tasmania
Our Mission
We want to continue improving our fishery to keep up with public and tourist demand and hope to have more and more to offer in the years to come to help with development, employment and education in the North of Tasmania.